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Independent Greens of Virginia

September 25, 2010

If you have been paying attention to Virgina congressional races this year, you should have noticed some new people(besides the incumbent and whoever their opposite is) in the mix, the Independent Greens of Virginia.  Don’t try to research it on the internet, their website is hardly informative and looks like something a 6 year-old Russian learned to put together in kindergarten web-design class.

The name is misleading.  They are not affiliated with the Green Party.  If you want to read their story look here.  It is on their website and requires x-ray glasses to read the funky font.

Being a normal person, I would say not being affiliated with the Green Party is a good thing, but its bad when you are even worse.  Seriously, these people are just plain weird.

I will let them tell you in their own words from a comment someone misleadingly named “Green Party Candidate” posted(misleading in that his name links to the Independent Green Party of Virginia,  Full Post Here

“Indy Greens have put conservatives, centrists, and progressives on the ballot.”  uhhh, progressives?

“Look Ralph(Nader – my words) – while a great American – is just one of hunreds(sic)…and one of several Indy Green Presidential candidates.” – Yeah, not a big fan of Nader’s.

“Where would funding for High Speed Rail come from… Indy Greens also advocate light rail, heavy rail, and traditional rail. Rail saves lives.”  Not really against trains, but these people are kind of freaks about trains.  They rank it above fiscal conservatism.

“First cut the subsidies for auto, oil, asphault(sic)…”  Ok, I dig it, no subsidies for autos, oil, asph…what?  Didn’t even know the huge asphalt subsidy was killing America.  Maybe it is.

“As the Indy Greens wrote…”Save $100 billion tax dollars. Bring home the troops from Germany. Save $100 Billion more tax dollars by bringing troops home from Japan, and Korea. Save another f$200(sic) billion by bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.””  This is extreme isolationism(Iraq and Afghanistan maybe not), but hold judgement till the next point.

“The Independent Greens beat that(the Green Party call to reduce military spending 70%). Indy Greens are real fiscal conservatives. They call for cutting military spending by 90 per cent.”

Now, they do claim to support conservatives, centrists and progressives, so your particular candidate might be anyone of these, you have to make your own judgement.  My candidate is Floyd Bayne, 7th district(Midlothian, VA) and I am surely going to be figuring more out about this guy.  If associations count for anything(think Obama and I would say they do) Bayne’s fellow “indy green” Ron Fisher is a progressive out the wazoo.  Read his platform here.

I will write more about this party as we get closer to the elections.

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