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Holy foot in the mouth Batman!

October 1, 2010

Since when did the Constitution of the United States become a joke?  Especially from a candidate for US Senate.  Robin Carnahan, the current Secretary of State for Missouri, speaks about how Constitution and Libertarian party candidates will help her in the election.  This is understandable, third party candidates inevitably help one of the two major party candidates and hurt the other.  But this video goes beyond just strategic talk about the upcoming election.

The most telling part is at the end, when one of her donors states, “You just don’t sound like you think those Constitution Party votes are going to come out of your account?”  Carnahan replied, “What do you think?”  And then we get laughter.  Not sure I see the humor.

Robin before the video came out.

Maybe I am being one of those crazy, radical, right-wing extremists.  Lets check the facts and see what the Constitution Party believes in.  Just had to double check to make sure the party’s name wasn’t a misnomer; they believe in the Constitution.  Now, I can see how some of their platforms might be seen as misguided by more left-leaning people of the US, most notably their provisions for traditional marriage and anti-abortion, but for the most part they follow a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

News flash to Robin Carnahan – it is the framework of our government!  In case you don’t know yet, you will have to swear an oath to defend and uphold this same document you think is a punch line.

I can respect a viewpoint that disagrees with the Constitution, but if you want to be a Senator of the US, a certain belief in the document would be a minimum requirement in my humble opinion.  Hopefully this will wake some folks up in Missouri and we can not look forward to this person “gracing” the halls of the senate in the future.

Latest Rasmussen poll of Missouri Senatorial Race.

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