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Atheist group loses round one, says “ain’t giving up”

October 1, 2010

Question – If asked, “What issue do you think only 50 out of all 535 representatives in both houses would support, what would you reply?”  Protect the Redbellied Bugbear?  A resolution to enshrine Mao Ze Dong in the National Communist Hall of Fame?  Support to keep the National Motto and the Pledge of Allegiance in the Capital Visitor Center in DC?  If you picked that last one you’d be correct.

An article from states, “50 members of Congress who defended the National Motto and Pledge, arguing that the atheist group’s lawsuit “border(ed) on frivolous.”  The atheist group in question is the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

This story tells more about the other 485 representatives than it does about the 50 who support basic tenets of our everyday life.  How spineless can you possibly be not to support keeping the National Motto in the Capital Center?

My guess is there was not sufficient union support to get the democrats to weigh in on this issue, as for the other republicans, I hope you find yourself out of work this November.

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