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America “Has No Choice” but to Accept Environmental Energy Policies

October 7, 2010

In an increasingly obvious narrative of victimhood, Obama’s administration claims once again they “must” do something that most Americans think should wait. The president will go down in history as never having made a decision of his own volition, instead being forced into such difficult required legislation by a slew of hyperbolic problems he inherited.  “TARP saved America, we had to pass it, if we didn’t we would be in a depression worse than the 30’s.”  Have fun trying to prove the negative of that statement.


Secretary of the Interior Salazar


“Some people in these difficult times would say, ‘How can you take on these bold new initiatives and stay focused? How can you deal with the fact that there are two wars that we as the United States of America are still involved in? And how can we deal with the very difficult economic time that we are working so hard to work through? How is it that you can do all that, yet continue to move forward with this clean energy program for the future of America?’” Salazar told the American Wind Energy Association in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Wednesday at their North American Offshore Wind Conference.

“And some people might say, when you look at the gridlock of Congress and the passing of energy legislation, ‘How is it that you can continue to move forward?,’” he said.

“Well, my answer to all of them is a simple answer, and that is, we do not have a choice,” said Salazar.

Must be nice to have your decision-making process completely decided for you by outside and unseen forces.  He continues on to site examples of the job creation dynamo that clean energy initiatives jumpstart.

“Those jobs are in places like Holland, Michigan, where the Recovery Act’s $2.4 billion investment in advanced battery technology has helped get a new manufacturing plant under way,” he said. “Three hundred people are helping build the plant, and another 300 will find jobs when it opens.”

For anyone who doesn’t want to do the math, that’s $8 million a job for the people building the plant, but its a paltry $4 million if you count the galactic number of jobs it opens.

Salazar also said the Department of Interior has a “major role to play” in the “transformation of our nation’s future.”

“As the department that oversees one-fifth of the nation’s land and 1.7 billion acres of Outer Continental Shelf, we have a major role to play in the transformation of our nation’s energy future,” he said.

More reference to Obama “fundamentally transforming America”.  I am increasingly terrified of Obama’s vision for America’s future.

That’s okay though.  The direction America is going is not Obama’s fault, remember they have no choice in the matter.  Interesting how their lack of choice seems to coincide perfectly with their vision for the future.

Energy Secretary to Windmill Conference: ‘We Do Not Have A Choice’ But To Go With €˜Clean Energy’ |

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  1. JustFacts permalink
    October 8, 2010 9:21 am

    The reason they have “no choice” is that their bankrollers (i.e., George Soros, etc.) will pull their funding, if they don’t make the chioces that coincide with the script. As always, just follow the money. It is all about power and money. Ethics and principles always take a backseat.

    • October 8, 2010 9:51 am

      Not sure I think it is as nefarious as that. If you remove choice from the argument, or make Obama’s decisions the only way to go, then all culpability for the outcomes are not his fault, they are someone else’s.

      For example, the stimulus. Obama had no choice, the economy was going down, he had to create jobs. The typical statement is, “We couldn’t do nothing!” So if anyone disaproves of the stimulus, its not really obama’s fault, he had no choice, what was he supposed to do?

      Will clean energy legislation raise energy prices and cost jobs, hell yes. But they have no choice! So the negative results are not their responsibility.

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