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Democrats have trouble lieing….excuse me, articulating message

October 8, 2010

Is this a believable claim?  Democrats have gotten off the blame Bush bandwagon and are going for a new talking point, their inability to compete with Republicans in the realm of political articulation.  Progressives would have you think so.  This latest article from the American Thinker says otherwise.

Democrats have a long history of being able to create wholly fictitious narratives and to glibly explain their way out of seemingly inescapable historical tight spots — all while claiming absolute credit for successful policies that they were demonstrably incidental in implementing. With the media in their pocket, Hollywood in their corner, and prestigious colleges functioning as brazen citadels of liberal thought, Democrats have mobilized an entire propaganda machine that makes the dissemination of their talking points painlessly easy.

A good example of this political legerdemain is quoted here:

For example, the Democrats are so gifted in the realm of articulation that they have managed to wipe away an entire history of their inextricable relationship with the Klu [sic] Klux Klan. Even though the KKK was created to function exclusively as the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party prohibiting blacks from voting for antislavery Republicans, through very clever revisionist history, liberals wrote off that entire phenomenon with this great talking point: “The parties switched places. What was once the Democratic Party is now the Republican Party, and what was once the Republican Party is now the Democratic Party.”

What this talking point fails to explain, however, is why the former KKK member Robert Byrd was not notified about this massive party change and sat for over fifty years in the Senate as a member of the Democratic Party. Surely, after fifty years, someone could have tapped him on his shoulder and told him he was sitting on the wrong side!

There are more examples in the article.  So we are all supposed to believe the greatest orator since Willy Wonka is incapable of inculcating the masses with a fervor for his socialist agenda?  Maybe someone should tell Obama it ain’t the message home slice, its the substance.  There’s the rub, progressives have always been a little light on substance.

American Thinker: The Democrats’ Latest Talking Point.

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  1. JustFacts permalink
    October 8, 2010 2:12 pm

    Unfortunately, the majority of people who vote in major elections only get their information from the alphabet media. The only reason the conservatives have a significant chance of taking back Congress next month is because it is a mid-term election and the Democrat base is not inclined to vote. Why do you think Obama is out trying to build a fire under his youthful, Hispanic, and Black voters? They are the ones who elected him in the first place. He is not on the ticket, so the Democrat base doesn’t see the benefit in voting.

    Fortunately, the Tea Party movement has ignited the Conservatives and Independents, and they believe that we can right this disaster. If it weren’t for them, I believe that a majority of those voters would be so disheartened that they wouldn’t come out in Nov. either. I hope that a lot of those voters remember what we have gone through the last two years. Elections have consequences, and sometimes it is better to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils, than to stay home to teach someone a lesson. Quite often the only one learning the lesson is you.

    • October 8, 2010 3:40 pm

      Yes, I agree, but I also hope the GOP incumbents lucky enough to not get booted this election need to read the writing on the wall. They sold their souls last time they had the power and opened the door for a progressive free for all at the expense of our Constitution. And what did it get them, absolutely nothing. Their base hates them, and surprise, progressives STILL hate you.

      Wake up so called conservative politicians. America is getting smacked around pretty bad right now, they need people who have her back, not people who say they love her then just do the same crap the people who hate her do. At least we know where they stand. HEAR THIS. We will not stand for another betrayal.

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