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What do Martin Luther King Jr. and Denzel Washington have in common?

October 10, 2010

If you answered, “They are both black.”  You took the easy answer.  In fact, they are both Republicans.  Interesting how we don’t really hear much about that in school.  Well, maybe we shouldn’t be hearing much of anything about Denzel in school – great actor, but we shouldn’t be talking about acting in school – but I know they aren’t teaching the kids about Martin Luther King’s political affiliations.  They might be fibbing just a little, but they definitely aren’t pointing it out.  Maybe a little history is in order.

Great Republican Achievements in Black History (ever see that statement on television?) [even longer list here]

  • 1865 – 13th Amendment passed abolishing slavery (would have passed in 1864 if more than 4 democrats in the Congress would have voted for it)
  • 1866 – Civil Rights Act of 1866 passed extending property rights to blacks (vetoed by Andrew Johnson [he is the most famous RINO in history], who was later impeached by Republicans)
  • 1866 – 14th Amendment passed guaranteeing due process and equal protection to all races (no democrat voted for it)
  • 1870 – 15th Amendment passed granting voting rights to all races (3% of democrats supported it)

    KKK - 1920


    1875 – Civil Rights Act of 1875 passed (no democrat voted for it)

  • 1919 – 19th Amendment (women’s suffrage) passes congress (ratified by states in 1920 – less than half the democrats supported it)
  • 1924 – House passes bill granting US citizenship to Native Americans
  • 1957 – Eisenhower signs Civil Rights Act of 1957
  • 1960 – Civil Rights Act of 1960 passed (despite 125 hour filibuster by 18 democrats)
  • 1964 – Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed (80% of republicans voted aye, only 63% of democrats voted so) (Robert Byrd held personal 14 hour filibuster) (Al Gore senior opposed it as well)
  • 1965 – Voting Rights Act passed ending poll taxes (94% republican support in congress, only 73% of democrats)

Wow, that’s a pretty impressive history for republicans.  Kinda makes the democrats look like a bunch of racists.  To quote LBJ, the Great Society Democrat “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”  (nice long list of democrat racist quotes here) Well isn’t that special.  Must have been taking lessons from Robert Byrd.

With that impressive history, you would have to ask how come more blacks aren’t republicans?  That is a good question.  Most people attribute it to Kennedy assisting Martin Luther King Jr. to get out of a jail sentence.  Alveda King, Dr. King’s niece, questions this saying “How can anyone think that Dr. King, my uncle, would join the party of the KKK?” I would attribute it to welfare policies enacted by Lyndon Johnson and continued on since then.

I was glad to learn Denzel Washington had similar world views as I, since he is one of my favorite actors – go rent Devil in a Blue Dress, awesome move – even though he did vote for Obama.  My guess is he is regretting that vote now, but given the circumstances, I can understand his decision.

So, repeat after me folks, republicans have been the driving force behind all civil rights legislation since the party’s inception.  Democrats are racists.  I’ll let Harry Reid close the post by reminding us that Obama “does not speak with a negro dialect.”

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