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Save the Delta Smelt! WTF is a smelt?

October 13, 2010

The enviro-wackos are proving once again the lack of principles of the progressive universe.  On the one hand they will kill farmer’s land by denying them water just to save a diminutive 3″ fish, on the other,

Man is often shackled for the benefit of the goddess Earth. But apparently there are exceptions in which a threatened species can be evicted from its habitat. In the desert of San Bernardino County, tortoises are being removed so that “an estimated 17 federally threatened tortoises — and an unknown number of half-dollar-sized hatchlings” won’t be ” squashed by heavy equipment” at the construction site of a 3,280-acre solar energy plant, according to the Los Angeles Times.  (source


Solar farm experiment.


The eco-conscious folks doing the relocating are not optimistic of the turtle’s chances of survival, but who cares, it’s a freaking solar farm baby!  It’s the future, power from the sun, except when its night, or its raining, or its cloudy, or Gaia is angry and spewing forth dark ash to punish our sins against her, but besides that solar power is the bees knees.

3280 acres, that’s pretty big.  Lets look at the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) that the evil conservatives want to deface and kill all the caribou that pass through.  Hmm, this don’t look good for the cause, the currently proposed bill allowing drilling in ANWR restricts it to 2000 acres.  As far as the harming little animals and such:

Prudhoe Bay (oil drilling site only 55 miles from ANWR – editor) has produced more than 10 billion barrels of oil since the 1970s, which has been transported through the Alaska pipeline to the American market. Decades of studies show that this oil production has had a negligible impact on the environment.

Environmental opponents of drilling cannot point to a single species that has been driven to extinction or even a population decline attributable to Prudhoe Bay. In addition, the drilling there was done with decades-old technology and methods far less environmentally sensitive than what would be required in ANWR.

Yeah, but what about the caribou?  That’s all we hear about, caribou getting smoked by evil Amercanski oil men who only care about satiating their greed for the sake of the pristine beauty that is nature.  Huh, what about the CARIBOU!

Environmentalists have been particularly excessive in predicting dire harm to the herd of migrating caribou that passes through ANWR. But the caribou herd that migrates through Prudhoe Bay has increased from 3,000 to 23,000 since drilling commenced there in 1977. (source and

“Fine but oil versus solar?.  Oil is black, and you know us democrats hate things that are black, solar is white and clean and pure.”  Don’t forget a waste of freaking money.  Hold on to your dreads you treehuggers, I am going nuclear here.

The largest nuclear plant in America is Palo Verde in Arizona, encompassing approximately 4000 acres, and providing energy for 4 million homes in Arizona and Southern California.  Conversely, the 3280 acre solar plant would provide energy for about 175,000.

Not to mention, large-scale solar plants could possibly add to global warming since they are usually deployed in desert environments which usually reflect heat back into space, whereas solar panels are dark-colored thusly absorbing heat.

I’m not saying solar energy is the wrong approach.  All I am saying is NOT ONE TURTLE MORE!  How dare these heartless environmentalists sacrifice the noble turtle to achieve their nefarious aims?  Its greed plain and simple.  Evil capitalists (like the California State Teachers Pension who is a major investor in the company building this plant) only intent on making a buck off the back of Gaia.

Save the turtles, kill a solar power plant!

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