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Judge says woman can’t marry against her father’s wishes

October 19, 2010

Madinah court rejects woman’s plea to marry colleague – Arab News.

More interesting goings on from the religion of tolerance.  Many muslims will argue that men and women are equal under Islam, this article seems to say otherwise:

The woman sought the court’s help to marry a doctor in the hospital where she worked, saying her father and brothers were against the union because of tribal incompatibility.

But the judge in the case again denied her petition. In his original judgment he accused her of being disobedient to her father.

The judge ordered that the woman return to live at her father’s house.

She has been living in a women’s shelter for two years, and says she faces abuse from her father if she goes back to his home.

“I have been prevented from marrying for 10 years now, and my case has been in the Medina court for five years,” the woman told Al-Watan.

Joy Behar, Whoopi, you guys support this crap?  Let me be clear, this isn’t a small group of extremists, this is the Saudi Arabian court system.

So when someone says something like Mohammad Ismail does in his book Cultural Awareness Training: Islam and British Muslims

Men and women are treated equally in Islam…Before Islam women had no rights in their society, no obligations, no protection from the family unit, no legal status as independent human beings.

Before?  Hate to break it to you Mohammad, things ain’t changed.


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