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“Stop Supporting Fox News or You’ll Have Blood on Your Hands”

October 19, 2010

Stop Supporting Fox News or You’ll Have Blood on Your Hands |

This is from a letter from the CEO and Founder of Tides, Drummond Pike (what a name!).  Basically he states that Glenn Beck causes people to want to assassinate members of progressive organizations and thusly anyone in the future who gets hurt by said brainwashing is the direct result of advertisers for FOX.

Following his logic, I will now write a letter to PETA:

You’re continued support for the ethical treatment of animals has allowed dogs to influence the minds of millions of Americans.  As is well-known, David Berkowitz (a.k.a. the Son of Sam killer) was given messages by the dogs in his neighborhood to go out and kill women, to the tune of six people.  Any more persons who are injured or killed by your disregard for public safety in support of dogs will hold you responsible.  There Their blood will be on your hands!

Here is a snippet of a letter I am writing to Danish newspapers advertisers:

Allowing the cartoon drawing of Mohammed to be published in newspapers your money supports has caused the deaths of many and injuries of hundreds throughout the Muslim world.  This blood is on your hands!  I urge you to stop supporting cartoonists who promote violence through their caricatures.

And finally, a letter I am working on to Al Gore:

Mr. Gore, your continued rhetoric for global warming has caused extremists around the world to rise in violent protest to the destruction of our planet.  Recently, James J. Lee, a disturbed individual, held hostage the headquarters of The Discovery Channel with demands they broadcast more eco-conscious programming.  He was later killed by the police.  Mr. Gore, this blood is on your hands!  Your lies about the environment must stop.

The truth – crazy people are freaking crazy regardless.  No talking head, or dog, or cartoon, or Vice-president “makes” anyone do anything just by the words they use.  The veiled threats in Mr. Drummond Pike’s letter are more telling of his true intentions, stifling the speech of America’s most popular News channel.

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