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Why we should not “get out the vote”

October 20, 2010

I don’t normally post two videos in one day, but this one I just had to comment on.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

IQ Test: Obama Supporters, posted with vodpod

Yes its a little long, and yes its a little dated, but it is striking at how little our electorate actually know about whom they vote for.  Interestingly, they seemed to know all about Sarah Palin, which proves the media hatchet job on her was pretty successful.

The part about Obama saying he visited all 57 states is pretty funny.  I give props to my 10 year old daughter Nicole – she was watching this with me before she had to go to school – she immediately picked up on Obama’s moronic statement and said, “What the heck!”.

So to address the title of this post.  I am not suggesting removing the right to vote from our citizens.  All I am saying is that we should not do everything we can to get people to vote just because.  Boil this down to your hometown, or even your school district.  Would you want everyone voting over the curriculum for your child?  Seriously, I mean people who didn’t finish school, or don’t have children, or get all their news from SNL and The Daily Show?

Again, I am not advocating some elitist model of poll taxes or anything, I am just saying I really don’t want people so uninformed as the people in the video deciding on my country’s future.  If they want to vote fine, but lets not motivate them to participate in something they have no clue about.

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