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Wii want you to stop reading

October 21, 2010

Ever wonder all the great things your public library provides for you, I will list the ones I can think of:

  • books
  • CD’s (ok)
  • DVD’s (never quite sure about that one, but…)
  • computers (cool)
  • free internet access (ok, but can’t we limit what people do with it?  I mean eharmony?  Seriously?)
  • Wii video game consoles
  • wait!  What was that last one?!?

    Posted in the library

That’s right folks, my public library now provides a Wii and games for people who want to play them, in the middle of a freaking library!

The set-up

The function of a library should first and foremost be to provide books for reading.  That should be job number one, anything above and beyond, we can negotiate.  DVD’s and CD’s I let go because I rationalized them away as “maybe people will actually get a book someday”.  But there is no way in hell I can rationalize video games, especially when they are being played in the library.

Reading is for losers

When asked what was the deal with the Wii, an unnamed library worker at the information desk said, “Oh, we provide that for kids.”  I asked if the library owned the gaming systems and she said yes.  When I said I was surprised to see a video game system in a library, she said, “We are a lot more than just books nowadays.”

Progressives out there can explain to me how this is good for our kids, but I can’t think of it.  Last time I checked, our kids aren’t reading enough as it is, we don’t need to do them one better by providing their most probable  distraction at home, at the place where reading should be priority one.

Ssshhh! Play your video games quietly

Listen up Chesterfield County Public Library, if you want to be a community center, then start charging admission and stop using my tax money.  There isn’t much in America I can be proud that my taxes go to, but the library system used to be one of them, now they have figured out a way to ruin that.

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