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The Democrat gamble of Obamacare

October 24, 2010

If the majority of Americans are against a single payor insurance system, wherein the government would be the provider of health insurance to all Americans, how would you go about implementing that system without pissing off these people?  That is the gamble I am going to try to explain over the course of this post.

The Set-up

The fact that the Obama administration desires a “public option”, or single payor system, has been documented with his own words numerous times.  Those words mirror the sentiment of big government employee unions like SEIU and AFSCME.  Congressional Democrats were pushing for a public option during the writing and “debate” for Obama’s health care reform bill.  It’s safe to assume that was one of the primary goals of Obamacare from the outset.  The Democrats weren’t successful in obtaining this provision.  But what did “we the people” actually get in the plan “as passed?”

We basically got a system that maintains the current third-party payor system, with a slew of mandates on the insurance companies.  The main mandate we will be dealing with in this post is the one prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage, starting in 2014, to people with pre-existing conditions.

Coupled with this mandate is the most controversial aspect of Obamacare and one that is currently making its way through the court system via several lawsuits.  That is the requirement that all American’s must purchase health insurance.  These lawsuits contend that this “requirement” to buy insurance is unconstitutional (which it is) and consequently, so is the whole bill.  The only problem is, even if the courts find in favor of the plaintiffs, they might just seek a judicial alternative, which basically would cut that requirement out of the law.  This is where the Democrat’s gamble truly begins to take shape.

The Hook

First, we need to address how mandating insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions coupled with the requirement for all Americans to buy health insurance, plays into the ultimate goal of a single payor system.

Insurance companies have never covered pre-existing conditions for one simple reason, no one would buy health insurance until they got run over by a truck or developed cancer.  This is so simple to understand its mind-boggling that people don’t see it.  Let’s use a hypothetical situation to illustrate.

I am a smoker.  I know that post-Obamacare any insurance company in Virginia must cover me even if I get cancer. So I decide not to pay for health insurance.  I go to the doctor to get my yearly physical and, low-and-behold, I got me some lung cancer.  So now I call United Health Care or any insurance company, it doesn’t matter, and decide to get me some insurance.  The company has to cover me and, from day one, pay for all the tests, chemo, operations, post-op, etc.  All of this for the measly premiums I paid from the time since I found out I had cancer.  Lets do the math.

Just for sake of argument, I went and got a quote for “no deductible” health insurance for my age and tobacco user.  You will quickly see, the type of insurance I have is irrelevant in the bigger scheme.  My premium would be $172.00 per month.  According to an 8-year-old study, the average cost for treating lung cancer is $39,891.  So for the insurance company to make a single dollar I would have to be treated for my lung cancer for 232 months, or 19 years.  Of course, if I die before then, they make no money.  If the cancer gets cured before then, they again make no money because as soon as its cured, I am dropping my health insurance.

This is where the government requirement for us to buy health insurance comes in.  If the government did not put this in Obamacare, private insurance companies would go bankrupt in short order.

The Wire

Now we have to look at the reason these provisions will not be coming on-line until the year 2014.  The stated reason is because the agencies and infrastructure to implement these measures do not exist yet, and to some degree that is correct.  But you also have to look at the political timing.

Lets hypothetically assume that the courts rule that the requirement to buy insurance is unconstitutional, which most experts agree will likely happen before 2014.  So now we don’t have to buy health insurance.  Here comes the “crisis” all Democrats live for.

Obama will speak about how great his plan was for providing insurance to children with pre-existing conditions, which came online in 2010.  Obama will point out that the Republicans were against that, “they wanted sick children to stay sick for the benefit of their special interest friends in the insurance industry.  Now they want to stop all sick Americans from getting coverage.  The court ruled wrongly, and now our health care system is going to collapse.”

This rhetoric will be the norm.  It will be another disaster only Obama can save us from, even though it was a disaster of his making.  Now here is the true gamble.  If a conservative beats Obama in the presidential election, and we maintain a majority in the congress, then this mess could be fixed.  If Obama gets re-elected, he now has a “mandate” to fix the health care crisis.  And how, my good readers, do you think he will do that?

The Pay-off

By doing the only thing he can do.  Creating the single payor public option he and the Democrats have wanted from day one.  A single payor system is the only thing that could fix the mess the Democrats created and successfully blamed on the Republicans.

I know many of you are thinking there is no way Obama could be re-elected, but let me remind you of some facts.  He still has a 92% approval rating from the black community.  Hispanics favor him in the mid-60’s.  This is after two years that make Jimmy Carter look like a genius.  Not to mention his unmatched “get out the vote” machine, thanks to groups like ACORN and his government employee union buddies.

But the democrats only truly need Obama for his veto power, or in this case, his refusal to veto a single payor provision and his “gravitas” as the MSM brainiacs cheerily claimed Bush lacked.  Presumably even though democrats are running scared from Obamacare for the 2010 election, once the 2014 “crisis” rears its head, they will be all for the only way of fixing it while at the same time painting opponents to their “fix” with titles such as extremist, and granny-killer.  To quote Alan Grayson, “The Republican plan, die quickly.”  Remember, 2014 is two elections cycles from now for the congress, a lot can change in the minds of Americans.  Right now we are mad and aren’t gonna take it anymore, but this sentiment can easily switch to the left-side after conservatives have been “in power” for a while.

What is the true goal behind this?  Why do democrats so desire a single payor system?  Well, power to be sure, but it’s also about the power of the special interests behind them.  And that is where this all must lead to, the unions.  The unions will inevitably expand by the implementation of a public system of healthcare, all those doctors and nurses will become public employees.  What is good for the public unions, is good for the public union bosses.  Andy Stern and his ilk are frequent visitors to the White House and their power in American politics is without question.  They are seeking more power.

The result for regular Americans in all this will be the disaster of public health care illustrated so greatly by so many countries of the world.  To steal some of Obama’s dire rhetoric, we are facing the single most important election in the history of America.  If Obama gets re-elected in 2012, America as we know it is over.  The public unions will increase, they are already 8 million strong, but the healthcare industry as of 2008 had 14.3 million employees, with another 3.2 million expected to come on-line by 2018.  So it is feasible to assume the public unions could be as large as 24 million strong by the 2016 presidential election.  That is a three-fold increase in the union’s power.  We can see a progressive White House stretching far into the future with that union support.

Obama and the Democrats are shills for the public unions behind them.  If we are to stop this “fundamental transformation of America” we need to start now, not wait until it’s time to vote in the 2012 election.  This issue is the crux of their plan, and their gamble.  The only way to beat the house, is to start by making Obama a one term president.

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  1. JustFacts permalink
    October 26, 2010 8:04 pm

    An where is the MSM reporting and delving into all of this. (waiting … waiting …. “sound of crickets”)

    • October 26, 2010 8:16 pm

      Considering all reporting is now commentary, they our mutely proclaiming their true intent. But we already knew that. The problem with getting in bed with socialists is the assumption they won’t stab the people in the back who got them their. Wake up “journalists”, you are a tool for a group of people who will shut you down faster than you cry “Freedom of the Press”. Ask Juan Williams.

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