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So bizarre, you couldn’t make it up

October 25, 2010

Okla. Man Jailed for Breaking Dog out of Pound – ABC News.

73-year-old Oklahoma man gets fined $100 for not having his poodle, Buddy Tough, on a leash – dog gets taken to pound.

Man designs intricate jailbreak plan.  Step one – Drive lawnmower to pound.  Step two – Using bolt cutters, break out Buddy Tough.  Step three – Using getaway lawnmower, fail to escape police.

Man now serves several days in jail.  Buddy Tough was euthanized for reasons unknown.

Does anyone else find this story kind of sad?  Did they have to kill the dog?  Why does a 73-year-old lawnmower driving redneck own a poodle?  Does the presumed effeminate poodle gain “street cred” with his androgynous homies by having the butch moniker Buddy Tough?  Is the man now a hero in the eyes of PETA?

Only in America.

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