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Call the EPA, newspapers are going extinct

November 1, 2010

Launch of Newspaper Extinction Timeline for every country in the world – Trends in the Living Networks.

Bad news everyone, newspapers in the United States will be extinct by 2017.  Where will we get our news?  Where will “All the News that’s Fit to Print” reside?  Moment of silence for the Grey Lady please.

In truth, this is bad news, because all the hack journalists currently working for our country’s newspapers will inevitably migrate to the internet, with instant legitimacy because they either used to work for The South Tallahasee Sentinel Union Dispatch, or they still work for them but in an online capacity.

There is no question the new media is taking hold of the world of news.  This shift in news delivery is only a shift in mode, not message.  The newspapers will learn nothing of their demise, and will totally and completely blame it on the forward march of technology.  To be sure, newspapers would have gone extinct eventually, but I believe they hastened that death by reporting with a bias the majority of Americans disagreed with.

But, if anything, I am a laissez-faire capitalist, and believe by all means these biased and agenda based newspapers can try to compete in the free market of ideas, territory heretofore they are unfamiliar with.  And just as will happen in 2017, they will eventually fail.

Click here for a big picture of the extinction map of newspapers by country

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