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Election 2010 Preview from Planet Moron

November 2, 2010

Election 2010 Preview.

Sorry for the blogcrush I have for Planet Moron, but this guy is funny on crack.  Here is a quote from his latest:

The lines at my local polling place stretched all the way from the check-in desk to just behind  the one person standing in front of the check-in desk.

Go read his post, very funny.

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  1. Valentine permalink
    November 2, 2010 2:50 pm

    I had a fun time today while trying to vote. First off, I bear some responsibility… I moved. And while I updated my license address, I did not update my voter address. Granted, I just moved a few days ago and was concerned to change my address with the voter registrar. The website seemed to be very concerned with 29 days. I didn’t want to confuse anyone, because I figured all was printed and I wanted to be sure to vote. So… I looked up my voter status on line and it showed me listed at my old address, so I went to my last polling place. When I got there, I wasn’t on the list… The lady looked up my address that was on my new license and said she couldn’t help me because the address I had moved to was in another county. I failed to see why that mattered, because my address with the registrar was my old address in that county. She gave me a blank look and I said that their website was confusing. Again, the blank look. I told her that somehow they knew I was not at that address anymore, which must therefore be linked to my license address… If that is the case, then why did their website not update automatically with that address and send me to the correct place? Clearly this is beyond the government or the polling lady. Anyway, I was not angry with the polling lady, she can’t help that the system is flawed.

    So, off I went to the polling place of my new address… Guess what… I wasn’t on the list… Who knew? Ok, now I am getting irritated. Where am I registered and why can no one tell me where I should go, correctly? The next helpful lady called some other person on the phone and this secret person told her to send me to a third location…

    I am not easily daunted. Now I am fired up because I HAVE to vote at this point. Got to the third location and guess what… I’m on the list… WooHoo!!!! Now I’m gold right? Right? Wrong… the address on their printed form didn’t match the address that is on my license. Drat!! Now the third lady is at a loss. I have moved just across the bridge, but I am in a new county. That is it for them… They don’t know what to do at that point. She calls another secret person somewhere and they confer for several long minutes and she comes back with a worried look on her face. She tells me I am going to be mad, but I have to go back to the last place I was at and insist that they let me vote there, because that is where I should be… sigh

    Ok, so I go back to the previous polling place and ask if I can speak to a judge. She is a very no nonsense woman. I tell her my plight and she says that she will get it resolved. She calls yet another secret person who then tells her that the address on my license doesn’t exist. I almost fell out of my chair. That got a laugh from the guy next to me who was having a similar plight. He said they should link the voting addresses to the IRS, because they can always find us and they have no issues taking money from addresses that don’t exist… anyway, I digress. So the judge asks the woman on the phone if she could speak to someone with a little more experience. Hooray!! Someone who doesn’t give up! She talks to the next person who confirms my address does exist and they add me to the registrar’s list in that county.

    Short story long… I voted!!!!

    It is quite funny to me that goldfish and dead people can somehow manage to vote, but a living, breathing taxpayer has so much trouble. Guess it sums up the state of this country…

    • November 2, 2010 4:50 pm

      Awesome story. I am going to repost this comment under a new post after 6:00pm label Election Returns Open Thread.

      Good sticktoitiveness. I have always wanted to use that in a sentence. =)

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