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Elections that are too close to call go to Democrats 64% of time

November 5, 2010

I have noticed an alarming trend in the recent election results.  If the race is too close to call, a majority of the time, it ends up going to the Democrats.  Lets look at recent results of races that are “too close”.

Washington Senatorial – Murray beats Rossi – win to Democrats

Arizona 7th House – Raul Grijalva defeats Ruth McClung – win to Democrats

Arizona 8th House – Giffords widens lead over Jesse Kelly – soon to be win for Democrats

California 11th House – McNerney leads Harmer by 134 votes – closest race in America, Dem currently leading

California 20th House – Vidak leads Costa – but predicted Costa will win, a Democrat

Illinois 8th House – Walsh leads Bean – expected win for Republicans

Kentucky 6th House – Chandler defeats Barr – win to Democrats

New York 25th House – Buerkle leads Maffei – 659 vote margin for the Republican, but 11,000 absentee ballots remain to be counted from only county Maffei the Democrat won – who knows?

North Carolina 2nd House – Ellmers declared winner over Etheridge – Republican win, but Democrat “picked up” 500 votes yesterday to close within margin for recount

Texas 27th House – Farenthold leads Ortiz – Republican declares himself winner, Ortiz might call for recount

Virginia 11th House – Connolly takes larger lead after late vote counting over Fimian – expected Democrat win

Washington 2nd House – Larsen increases lead over Koster – expected Democrat win

Connecticut Governor – Malloy beats Foley – shady-ass election, Democrat wins

Minnesota Governor – Dayton leads Emmer – Democrat leading by 8000 votes, expected to win

So by my tally of the races that are “too close to call”, Democrats are going to win 9 of the 14 races, or 64%.  That is not counting the races that are still to close, which would be California 11th and New York 25th, which most expect Democrats will win, bringing the total to 11 out of 14, or 79%.

Most of the Democrat wins have been due to leads that increased because of late counting or by surpassing their opponents in late counting.  Anyone see a trend here?  Something just feels fishy.

I have no evidence suggesting any foul play, (hey it never stops democrats from accusing people) I am just going by the results.  And the evidence suggests, if you are a Republican, you need to win your race in the first day or there is a 64% chance you will lose.


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