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Little known candidate we are all glad lost

November 8, 2010

The 2010 elections in Detroit and the fight for socialism.

There was a little known candidate up for election last Tuesday, his name was D’Artagnan Collier.  He is no musketeer.  In fact, if I had to name him something fictionally appropriate, I would have to go with Don Quixote.

Collier is an outright socialist.  He was the candidate for the Socialist Equality Party in Michigan’s 9th House District, Detroit.  And unlike Chris Coons, he is not afraid of his marxism, bearded or otherwise.  Here is a quote from a post-election post he made to the World Socialist Website.

The results of the 2010 elections, in Detroit and Michigan, and indeed in every state and city across the country, express the complete political disenfranchisement of the population.

You can tell by his tone, the results didn’t go his way.  Interesting how if you don’t win an election, it is because of the complete “political disenfranchisement of the population”.  Might I offer my own reason?  You freaking suck!

D’Artagnan continues by giving us more in-depth analysis of why the electorate went for republicans this year:

Through their right-wing and anti-working class policies, Obama and the Democrats—who won an overwhelming majority of the vote in Detroit in 2008—succeeded in disillusioning such a broad base of his previous supporters as to make possible a sweeping Republican victory.

Obama and the dems are right-wing.  Always a fun question to ask, How far to the left do you need to be to make Obama look right-wing?  Remember guys, this dude was on the ballot.

Here Collier explains the results to our country of the GOP takeover of the House:

The working class faces an increasingly desperate situation. The results of the 2010 election—at the national, state, or local level—will be used to justify new wars abroad and to redouble the attack already underway on the jobs, living conditions, and democratic rights of working people in this country.

New wars?  Just for sake of argument, lets agree with Quixote on this one and accept the idea that we will go to at least two (he said wars) more wars with un-named enemies.  How will this election be used to justify those wars?  Just curious.  I imagine it going something like this, “You know, we won that election in 2010, so we demand an immediate invasion of Belgium!  The people elected us, and part of our nationwide platform was the ending of the confrontational and provocative regime of Yves Leterme.”  D’Artagnan, you are an idiot.

He finally confronts the giant elephant in the room, Michigan in general and the third world country-like affairs of Detroit City proper:

In Michigan, the Republican Party has taken control over the governor’s mansion and the legislature. With the state confronting a $1.6 billion deficit, it is assured that cuts will be enacted against every aspect of social spending. They will make the brutal cuts put in place under Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm pale in comparison.

The burning issue is the need to break the political monopoly of the two capitalist parties and build a party of and for the working class, that fights behind a program calling for full employment, the right to health care, good quality education, and the rebuilding of cities like Detroit. That party is the Socialist Equality Party. That is why I stood in the 2010 elections, and that is why we will continue to fight.

So Michigan has a $1.6 billion debt, and the solution is the more social programs?  Just a couple of things I would like to address on his points.

The right to health care – it is against the law for a hospital to deny care to anyone who is critically injured, and if you are so poor you can’t afford regular health care, medicaid exists.

Good quality education – My guess is, he is for more funding for Detroit schools – Here is a quote from the Heritage Foundation on just such a topic, “For example, in Detroit, per-student spending is approximately $11,100 per year, yet only 25 percent of Detroit’s students are graduating from high school according to a recent estimate.”  That is above the national average of $9,266 per student.  More money is not the answer.

Rebuilding of cities like Detroit – not much to say about the Democrat stronghold that is Detroit.  How about this one?  You reap what you sow.

How would he fund all this new social spending?

The SEP campaign focused on exposing the social crisis in Detroit before a national and international audience. We called for the public ownership of utilities and a massive jobs program to rebuild Detroit.

Hmm, him and Maxine Waters should have a little talk.

There is a silver-lining to this whole story and it speaks well for the comportment of America’s electorate.  Even in war-torn Detroit, the American dream is not completely dead, although local government has done everything they can to kill it.  The total Democratic votes cast in the election for Michigan’s 9th House district was 20,092, D”Artagnan Collier received:

Our own vote total of 134—about one percent of the vote—was small but important. As one of four candidates on the ballot, each vote cast for me was a highly conscious political decision. Many of these ballots were cast by voters who otherwise would not have gone to the polls.

Sorry dude, no way to make that small number look good.  “A” for effort though.

I hate our two-party system as much as the next guy, but at least it kept this man out of elected office.  Maybe there is something to this system?  It has a tendency to keep America somewhat in the middle, assuming the parties don’t veer too far one way or the other, like the Dems have been doing recently.  The natural push-back would be a shift to the right by the counter-party, which results have proven is the case.

Well, a hearty thank you to the people of Michigan who decided a Socialist Equality Party candidate was a little too left for American government.  It’s nice to know you are smart enough to see what a serious threat socialism is to your state and country.  Good job.

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  1. November 8, 2010 7:03 pm

    Well, maybe there is hope. Maybe?

    • November 8, 2010 7:05 pm

      I had hope after I read he only got 134 votes. If he got more than that, my post would have been decidedly different.


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