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Bribes to get foreign criminals to leave UK triple to £1,500

November 10, 2010 – Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Bribes to get foreign criminals to leave UK triple to £1,50o

In the UK, foreign criminals are not always deported.  Sometimes they are asked to leave back to their home country with a little incentive, 1500 pounds ($2416.00).  This is a threefold increase.

Now, everyone who chooses to leave the UK can get up to £1,500 – with £500 on a pre-paid credit card and between £250 and £1,000 handed over within a month of returning to their home country when they show how they intend to spend it.

I hope “destroying the great Satan’ is not an approved activity for the extra bonus.  I am sure the bribes are to get people to leave faster than the deportation process allows, but if that is the case, fix the deportation system, don’t just pay people to leave.

The interesting thing is the UK is cutting the child benefit system.  While the two are not connected, it is fascinating how they increase pay to criminals while cutting it to families.  Honestly, after finding out the cutoff for families to receive this “child benefit” Brits don’t receive a lot fo my sympathy:

Thousands of hard-pressed families were left reeling by Chancellor George Osborne’s cuts to the child benefit system. Currently, a couple with one child get £1,055 annually. They stand to lose that sum if one of them earns more than £44,000 a year.

To convert that to American, if you make below $71,000 a year, you get $1700 from the government.  I am not too familiar with the child benefit system, I presume it is similar to our child tax credit, but seriously guys, isn’t 71k a little freaking large?

It’s nice to know the UK is as confused as we are.  They pay criminals, and they pay for kids…they just pay more for the criminals.  Gotta have your priorities.

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