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Mexico investigates report of 50 missing migrants

December 22, 2010

Mexico investigates report of 50 missing migrants.

I found this article interesting for multiple reasons.  Here is numero uno:

The Mexican government says it is investigating the reported kidnapping of 50 illegal migrants, a day after it said there was no evidence of an abduction.

What makes them illegal?  They are just trying to find a better life.  The Mexican government shouldn’t criminalize people trying to help their families.

Here is numero dos:

The National Migration Institute says Hondurans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans are being interviewed by the federal Attorney General’s Office about the alleged assault by gunmen on a train.

Notice how the Mexicalis call it the “Migration Institute”, not Immigration?  This is an improtant distinction, lost on many of us.  To migrate means to move from one place to another, the word to immigrate, means to do the same with intent at permanent residence.  Mexico understands their “illegal migrants” are just in their country temporarily as they pass on to their real destination, America.

I feel sorry for these kidnapped folks.  Somehow I feel Mexico could care less about finding them, considering they are only temporary, oh and they are illegal.

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