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The GOP will win the debt-limit fight

January 18, 2011

The GOP will win the debt-limit fight.

This is an awesome op-ed piece at the Washington Post with a remarkable analysis of the upcoming battle over the debt-limit.  The final conclusion is that the GOP will win, which as usual, means America will win.

Mr. Thiessen goes line by line over the probable steps that will ensue over the next couple of months, and details how if the GOP remain firm in their resolve, will be able to glean major spending cut concessions from President Obama.

For all those worried about the upcoming doomsday that Geithner, Obama and the MSM are predicting, please go check this piece out, it should allay some fears.  Here is the lead, read the rest here:

Let’s be clear: Republicans have the upper hand in the coming fight over raising the federal debt limit. President Obama will push to raise the limit without giving Republicans the massive spending cuts they demand. But in the end he will cave.

Finish reading it here…

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