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Saudi police arrest man for enticing underage girl

June 20, 2011

Teacher arrested for enticing girl – Arab News.

To the Arab News I go!  Hey, when I have nothing to write about, they usually have a story or two that serve as an interesting insight into the model of an Islamic country.  As always, oddball stuff going on in Saudi Arabia.  Here is the lede:

A 40-year-old Egyptian teacher has been arrested for allegedly enticing a 16-year-old girl and bringing her from Riyadh to Makkah and providing her accommodation in a hotel in Misfala with the help of a relative.

What’s the big deal, the dude’s a perv, good job Saudi coppers!  In America, any 40-year-old creeper putting up a 16-year-old in a motel would suffer the same consequences.  Its nice to know Saudi Arabia won’t allow such molestations to happen.  The article continues:

The girl told police that her parents have been separated and had married her to a 62-year-old man as his third wife, adding that the old man treated her badly during their six-month marriage. [emphasis added]

Oops, I guess I spoke to soon.  =(

But you know, maybe she is just being a bitch.  I mean seriously, a 62-year-old dude is not gonna have much to talk about with his 16-year-old third wife.  I’m sure he really loved her, she just wanted more than he could give.  Poor old creeper dude.  And before you get all indignant about her parent’s giving her away to such an older man, let’s be real folks, its not like they were callous about giving their little baby to a man 4 times her senior – I’m sure he paid them quite well.  See, it ain’t creepy when money is involved.  Its just prostitution…or, slavery maybe?  Ahh, whatever, I’m sure its on the up-and-up.

She said after she was divorced by the old man, she did not find anybody in Riyadh showing any sympathy toward her except the teacher. When she went missing her brothers informed police.

Nice to know she improved her circumstances following the heartbreaking divorce, she upgraded to a man more her age, this time only three times her senior.  Good call baby doll!

Hafsa Shuaib, head of the juvenile center in Makkah, said the girl underwent a medical checkup to see if she was pregnant or not. She will also receive counseling before sending her home. [emphasis added]

That’s all that matters, does she have a bun in the oven?  Doesn’t matter that old dudes were molesting her, as long as she didn’t get knocked up, everything is kosher (hmm, maybe not the best word to use, damn ZIONISTS!).  Ahh, good, she is receiving counseling as well.  Excellent, I am sure everything will work out now that the Islamist government officials will explain to her how the fact that she was sold to a 62-year-old creeper was Allah’s will and she needs to work harder to please her next husband, which her all-caring brother’s will find for her, because Allah forbids her from fraternizing with men outside her family, hence her recent arrest.

As a father of a 19-year-old, I couldn’t begin to imagine the life a teenage girl must possess in Saudi Arabia.  I am sure apologists out their will indignantly explain how the women actually enjoy Islamic rule and its numerous equalities for women, but I am having a hard time finding evidence to support their views.  Maybe because women who don’t agree with their treatment aren’t allowed to speak out about it?

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  1. June 23, 2011 10:16 am

    “Better to let women suffer under a vicious regime than to admit that there are cultures to which the West is superior.”

    Got that from Glazov’s United in Hate. Your post made me think of it. Articles like this one make the Walmart case “all women are a class for a class action suit” seem awfully ridiculous.

    Nevermind. The Walmart lawsuit was ridiculous anyway. sheesh I’m rambling. I know I’ve been MIA for a bit, but hopefully I’m back on a regular basis. Good to visit and see you are off and running with a fire in the belly.

    • June 23, 2011 1:07 pm

      Great quote! And nice to have you back, rambling and all, lol.

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