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A clarion call for African-Americans

June 26, 2011

To all my black readers (like I have any, lol, I mean, the black community voted for Obama as a 91% block [the most coherent] and still approve of him [and his policies] in the mid-80s, maybe this will fall on deaf ears.  Not to mention, the left-over 9% who supposedly didn’t vote for Obama aren’t really black right?  They are race-deniers, or Uncle Tom’s or, what was the term Ted Rall used to describe Condoleeza Rice?  “Bush’s house nigga”?  Yeah, so assuming there are a few black folks leftover who are actually black and can find a nice hiding-place to read something that does not come from the MSM or the White House homepage, they probably still aren’t reading my crap because according to my stats, I ain’t even reading the drivel I write.

But, since we are going off on a wildly circuitous tangent, lets continue.  Anyone who is not a socialist can easily recognize the policies enacted or sought by progressive politicians is pushing America closer and closer to the goal of some form of socialism in the United States [well, more than we already have].  In all aspects EXCEPT the practical, socialism seems like a good idea to people who aren’t willing to research it.  “You mean I can take money from rich people who ‘have enough already’ and I won’t have to worry about my rent anymore?”  The socialist progressive politicians are really good at doing what most politicians are good at doing, lying.  Okay, it’s not really lying, but they only tell half the story, the good half.  They never talk about the negatives of socialism.  Like the destruction of the individual.  Considering blacks think themselves some of the most individualistic people in the universe, how can you continue to follow a philosophy that seeks to destroy your identity?

But I am digressing again.  Back on track, socialism and black people.  So, how has the democrat party and thusly the socialist groups of America been courting the black community?  Pretty easily, by telling you guys you are special, a protected group, deserving of special treatment, obligated to handouts, and pretty much a general love-fest that makes white folks blush [we are a little jealous].  It’s nice to be courted.  The young-love between two couples is something special, and nothing should be done to abate it, especially something like speaking the truth.  Sorry folks, its gotta be done.

Let’s imagine for a second that the progressives get their way.  Everyone just take a minute and imagine a socialist America [this is what the progressive’s want, so don’t argue with my premise].  The government handles all manners of production, ergo they dictate who gets jobs, what they get paid, where they live, and so on and so forth.  Now, continue to imagine your [the black community’s role] in that society.  Do you think it [your role] will continue to be a special protected group, deserving of special treatment, obligated to handouts and the general love-fest you are so accustomed to?

Unfortunately no.  You see, socialism, if it had any rock-solid truisms associated with it, universally ignores the minority.  It has to.  Socialism is always one-step away from mob-rule, ergo to stay in power and keep everyone happy, the socialists have to please the mob.  In America, the mob is us white folks.  Even worse for you guys is the fact that socialism needs a bad guy to get the mob to rally behind, in Germany it was the Jews, in America it could be you [it has to be a big enough group to rally the mob for a long time, the LGBT, Asian and other very small minorities are too minimal to count, though they would be screwed too].

Now, I ain’t saying blacks would be murdered a la Nazi concentration camps, but you can bet blacks would be the last considered group when it comes to jobs, handouts and other “privileges”.  It’s a necessity, you guys are too small a minority to merit the collective wasting time worrying about.  Let’s face facts, whites are still 72% of the population of the United States, any totalitarian government is going to have to cater to us exclusively, or we are gonna revolt, or at least that will be their fear.  They won’t be able to use the typical excuses for why black unemployment is so low, income distribution is so bad, and all the other factors that describe the black community’s woes, because it will totally be the government’s fault [as opposed to about 50% their fault now] since they are in complete control of the economy.  They are choosing to ignore the minority because under socialism, the minority is a waste of time.

Sadly, you folks are following a philosophy that will relegate you to a status much worse than slavery ever was [no matter how evil the practice, at least under slavery you were important to someone].  Under socialism, blacks will be important to NO ONE!  You will be worthless.  Not worth the time to consider.  I don’t want to get into what happens to people whom the collective considers worthless, let’s just say, they don’t waste the collective’s resources for very long.

So wake-up folks and start thinking for yourselves.  Socialism is not the answer to your woes, it will actually be the final death throe of the black experience in America.  A sad experience to say the least, but made even worse because you deny the one philosophy that has led to your improvement, modern capitalism.  I know, slavers were capitalists, but that wouldn’t have been possible without the government’s consent, endorsement and protection.  What the government allows, immoral people will do.  The government has never been on your side so stop believing the lies that government cares about you.  You have always been, and unless you change, will always be, a pawn in a very large game with people who play for keeps.  Once they accomplish their goal, they will toss you away like any other minority under socialism.

The answer lies in the blind and just free-market system.  Do not believe the lies that it is stacked against you!  The beauty of profit is that it is without sight.  If you can prove your worth to a company or the market in general, you will get your worth, NO ONE besides your supposed “leaders” cares what color your skin is.  And no one, except the government, determines your worth by that same skin color.)  Oh well, I forgot what I was gonna say.  Never mind.

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  1. June 26, 2011 3:59 pm

    One of the basic tenets of the Progressive movement in the last century, was if one could not take care of oneself, and at least contribute in some small way, one was ‘expendable’. Funny, the Progressives don’t seem to want to advertise this small point.

    • June 26, 2011 4:21 pm


  2. KingShamus permalink
    June 26, 2011 8:55 pm

    The only color that matters is green.

    • June 26, 2011 9:30 pm

      Damn martians…ohh, umm, yeah, green as in money, of course. You are surely correct, and that is the beauty of the free-market. Yes you socialists out there, it might not be the best system (like a Constitutional Republic) but it is the best and most fair available.

  3. June 27, 2011 1:03 pm

    Somewhat random question: does a socialist government have to have a dictator? I understand it has in the past, but would it be possible to function without one? Or would one always arise and fill the political leadership void? I sometimes look at the “political spectrum” as a circle rather than a line of “left” and “right”, because if dictators go hand in hand with socialism and communism, I see little difference between that form of government and fascism, which I believe is far to the right.

    • June 27, 2011 1:06 pm

      and I say “I believe” because I’m not sure, the political spectrum really confuses the hell out of me sometimes. It seems strange to place fascism and anarchy on the same side, but they’re both considered “right” (I think, anarchy might just be considered completely off the spectrum).

      • June 27, 2011 1:30 pm

        Good questions. =)

        Socialist theory doesn’t specifically demand a single person be in charge, but in my opinion, 1 guy or a small group of people truly isn’t that different. In some ways, its easier for the Socialist to overlook the ills of his philosophy in the past, by saying they were corrupted by the ego and evil of a single man. But in truth, that man never would have been as powerful if he was not accompanied by hundreds or thousands of “yes-men” that fully believed in the cause and were willing to do anything in furtherance of its goals.

        Without getting into a book length response here – All totalitarian forms of government necessarily promote the ruthless and immoral to leadership positions, by the sheer necessity of force necessary to maintain said totalitarianism. So, while most socialists will pawn off the evil and inhumanity of Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, or Stalin’s Russia as aberrations of a sick-minded individual, they never connect the dots and see that it was the SYSTEM that allowed such people (and no other type of person) to rise to power. F.A. Hayek goes into much more detail about this in his seminal work, The Road to Serfdom – chapter 10, Why the Worst Get to the Top.

        As far as fascism is concerned, the left loves it everytime someone drinks the kool-aid (not a criticism of you) and believes that fascism is a construct of the right. The point is, fascism is a form of socialism, not some aberrant odd-ball that goes against the “peaceful” progressive philosophy. While it can be attributable in some ways to the “right” in Germany, the ground was laid for its rise by the the numerous socialist groups in Germany starting in the middle of the 19th Century. The true lesson that needs to be learned, especially for folks on the right, is that the political spectrum we have become accustomed to referring to in our definition of our beliefs as left or right is a cover-up. Socialists exist on both sides of the scale, as do progressives. It is not enough to dub oneself “on the right”, he could easily be a major progressive in worldview and philosophy (like John McCain).

  4. June 27, 2011 2:06 pm

    “they probably still aren’t reading my crap because according to my stats, I ain’t even reading the drivel I write.”

    I know what you mean! 😉

    Great piece. I think that you’ve laid out a fairly well put together argument that hits upon what the future will hold for anyone under socialist/mob rule. You have inspired a post… I will be writing it shortly and be directing it back here. It’ll hopefully drive up a couple of the views in the stats counter for you but based on mine lately, we’re in the same Desert of Irrelevance. LOL

    • June 27, 2011 3:08 pm

      Glad I could be an inspiration, I look forward to reading your piece. =)

      As far as our Irrelevance, at least its nice to know you aren’t the only one, lol.


  1. Look… On the horizon! I see a ship with a socialist flag. Is it taking the black community forward or back in history? | Questioning With Boldness…

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