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OIC sets up its own rights watchdog – Arab News

June 29, 2011

OIC sets up its own rights watchdog – Arab News.

This could either be a bad joke without a punchline, or a bad joke with a punchline.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperations (OIC) is setting up a 18 member panel to watchdog themselves in the realm of human rights.  What they will protect:

Ihsanoglu [Secretary-General of the OIC] reiterated that promotion and protection of human rights including the rights of women, children, youth, the elderly and people with special needs, as well as the preservation of Islamic family values, have been enshrined in the OIC Charter. “It requires the member states to uphold and promote good governance, democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, at both the national and the international levels,” he said.

Islamic family values and the human rights of women?  Something seems amiss here.

Anyhoo…the bad joke sans the punchline.  This will be about as effective as the UN Human Rights Council.

The bad joke mit the punchline.  This will put an official seal of approval and lay bare for all to see the gaping abyss that separates the Western conception of human rights with that of Islam.  In that regard, this might actually be a good thing.

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