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When all else fails, imagine a conspiracy

July 1, 2011

Schumer’s conspiracy theory: GOP sabotaging recovery | David Freddoso | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner.

If you haven’t heard, Republicans, not Obama nor the Democrats in Congress are responsible for the woes facing our economy.  Well, that stance isn’t really that new, its sort of an extension of “blame Bush” and the “failed policies of the past”, but Schumer has a new take on the old narrative – the GOP is doing it intentionally to get elected.  To quote Chucky:

And we need to start asking ourselves an uncomfortable question – are Republicans slowing down the recovery on purpose for political gain in 2012? … [N]ow it is becoming clear that insisting on a slash-and-burn approach may be part of this plan – it has a double-benefit for Republicans: it is ideologically tidy and it undermines the economic recovery, which they think only helps them in 2012.

Somehow defending Keynesian Economic Theory at all costs is not ideologically tidy (I think I know what that means)?  Or for that matter, blaming your failures on an unproven conspiracy theory isn’t either?  No matter, this story really gives me the opportunity to expose a more thought-out, developed and documented conspiracy theory, that of the website

This theory would be laughable if it did not obviously come from the mind of a truly disturbed individual.  Take for example, this paragraph describing how the author’s family is out to get him:

Out of thin air my parents arrived in Hawaii and began repeating the words runway and jet in every other sentence they spoke. Like my girlfriend, they spoke in riddles and were unable to get their ears wet in the pool and in the ocean [due to an implant imbedded by the FBI]. When they finally left, I was convinced I needed to return to Michigan only days later in Michigan I was met one night, after returning to my parents home, by the local police. They took me to a hotel to stay at for the night claiming that my parents were saying that I was homicidal and suicidal. I’m sure this is a text book move, much like my family being threatened to sign NSLs and relentlessly lie on behalf of the feds.

The evidence the author provided for his theory (which I can’t describe because its rather convoluted, but it has to do with Muslim spies, pyramid marketing schemes, and Sarah Palin history being created by the FEDS) is intriguing to say the least, if by intriguing you mean bat-s**t crazy!

Let’s start first with the internet marketing look alike code.

Selling a program on making millions online is Professor James Bradley who looks like the Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is sold by someone who looks like Jill Biden, her name is Rosalind Gardner. Some appear to represent people, more in how they pose, rather then a direct look alike. Stephen Pierce appears to represent “green jobs czar” Van Jones, Brett McFall-Austan Goolsbee, John Childers-Andy Stern of SEIU, and Jay Abraham as Ayman al-Zawahri (Bin Laden’s right hand man), just to name a few.

If you’re having a problem with your Google Adwords PPC ads and can’t get a straight answer, you could try Yanik Silver who looks a lot like Sergei Brin, but he probably won’t know. “Yanik Silver” sells 33 Days to Online Profits (prophets.) Why not try Perry Marshall, who looks like Obama’s priest Reverend Pfleger? He sells The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords, infringing upon Google’s trademark.

That’s not the extent of the look-a-like’s out there:

Other people that make up this code of look alikes include;
“Copywriter John Carlton” a possible look alike for libertarian Jeff Bridges
“Carleton Sheets” the No Money Down Real Estate guy a look alike for ex-president Jimmy Carter

Also appearing on “Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s” Red Hot Copy sites are;
Cathy Goodwin a look alike for Du Pont CEO Ellen Kuffman
Denise Wakeman a look alike for Anne Duncan the Secretary of Education
John Childers a look alike for SEIU Andy Stern
Mari Smith a possible look alike for Carly Fiorina who ran in Carlyfornia for Senate
Terry Dean a look alike Michael Dell
Tom Beal a look alike for Time Warner CEO Jeffery L Bewkes
These are only a few of them, there isn’t enough time in a day to figure out who everyone is supposed to represent.

Okay?!?  So we got a ton of supposed look-a-like’s out there, I have a few of my own to add to the conspiracy – Tim Geithner looks like Doogie Howser. Nancy Pelosi looks like the Bride of Frankenstein.  Michelle Obama looks like Sasquatch.  Harry Dean looks (and sounds like) a flaming wussy.

There has got to be more proof.  Like Jesse “The Loonie” Ventura, I need more evidence before I sign onto a nutty conspiracy theory.  What else you got crazy, wacko prolly needs a lithium-refill guy?

Sarah Palin’s identity is fabricated. Obama was positioned to win the election by a landslide. I think even McCain was picked as the opponent for Obama. If you want to get a guy elected, why not elect who he is going to run against? This is why I think Sarah Palin was strategically planted as McCain’s running mate. By fabricating her history, Al-Qaeda or NWO, wouldn’t know if she was on their team which would create chatter and flush out those who are part of Obama’s “organized community.” They continued with this online code and wrapped it around “Sarah Palin” to gather intelligence.

“Sarah Palin” claims to be a Maverick. John McCain claims to be a Maverick The person in the Rich Jerk videos online appears to be Dallas Maverick’sMark Cuban. Sarah coined the term “mama” grizzly. Under investigation for insider trading of company called Mamma was Mark Cuban. The first forum to attack and hack me online was a forum called Friends In Business Scams 101 with the owner named Mama. Cuban is also known for financing a movie through Magnolia Pictures named “Redacted.” This is anti war movie that many thought was treasonous. I imagine the release of Sarah Palin’s emails, many of which were “red”acted, was timed with the Mavericks’s playoff games.

Sarah Palin’s siblings names are Heather Heath Bruce and Molly Heath McCa(n)n. Palin’s daughter “Piper,” also the name of a plane, share a birthday with actor Bruce Willis who played “John McC(l)ane,” the guy who fights the terrorists in Die Hard who were really about robbing the place. This code appears to date back for a very long time, right now is when the last piece of the puzzle was about to fall into place.

Ohohohoh, the last piece is gonna fall into place, what is it!?!  Tell me!

It appears that Sarah’s entire background is fabricated. I’m not sure how they did it, but Alaska is about half the size of the continental United States. It’s also one of least densely populated, most remote areas in the US. It wouldn’t be difficult to build a background for her, and swap her name in anywhere the real Alaska Governor’s name existed. The feds had several months to pull this off. When Sarah was announced as McCain’s running mate the voice they used was similar to the voice used in video to announce Dan Kennedy, another online expert claiming to be a copywriter.

Sarah’s last name is short for palindrome. McCain’s favorite band he claims is ABBA, a palindrome. So who’s name is a palindrome? SOROS. George Soros has been credited with collapsing several nations currencies in Europe. Soros has spoken publicly several times about a “new world order.” He’s also behind hundreds of companies and foundations that appear to employ and empower radicals. The feds appeared to act as the research arm to Glenn Beck’s show helping explain the connection Soros has to organizations such as; The Tides Foundation, The Apollo Alliance, Open Society, and hundreds of others. He’s also connected to over 30 major news organizations. Even Mark Cuban, posing as the Rich Jerk on Youtube, can be seen wiping his rear with $100 bills. To most people, this would appear that he just has so much money, to me it has double meaning. It represents the devaluing of our currency.

He isn’t done yet, this just gets wackier and wackier:

One of the first people to attack me online was a person who called himself Gary Halbert. The person wanted for financing Al-Qaeda is Noordin M Top, appearing above as “Armand Morin.” There is a reason why the methods to cap the oil spill in the Gulf were labeled Top Kill and Top Hat. One of the companies involved with the spill was Halliburton. If you ever saw the show Alaska with Sarah Palin you may remember a scene with them Halibut fishing were they clubbed Halibut over the head. Back to the movie references, sometimes the code isn’t in the movie, it’s simply in the title. For example, Kill Bill, as in a legislative bill, or Shallow Hal. In addition, the Rich Jerk site started out as a cartoon character. It was rumored that the Rich Jerk is Kelly Felix. A search on this name brought up a site called IMDB, or International Movie Database. This site over the course of the last 5 years has become the number one site optimized in search for any and all celebrity names.

Last, through endless interrogations it’s been implied that the person who wrote the sales pitch at the Rich Jerk website is Tina Fey. Sarah Palin’s “mother in law” is named “Faye” Palin. I believe that Tina Fey didn’t play the look alike for Sarah Palin, but Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain’s running mate, whoever she is, because she’s the look alike for Tina Fey.

Endless interrogations?  Is he suggesting HE interrogated Tina Fey?  This dude is way past bonkers.

That’s about the extent of the wackiness, but you should visit his site to relish in all its glory.  Its rather impressive what one’s brain can imagine to make up for events that otherwise are simply explained.

Although…after extensive review of the above site, I have made an interesting discovery.  Chuck Schumer’s name appears no where!  Coincidence?  I think not…

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  1. JustFacts permalink
    July 1, 2011 10:54 pm

    What I want to know is “How in the world, did you run across” This is one seriously conflicted individual. His writing sounds very similar to one Jared Loghner, and we know how that turned out. Hopefully someone is paying attention to this blogger, and will get him some help.

    He’s a blogger, and you’re a blogger. Coincidence? I think not!!!!

    • July 1, 2011 11:50 pm

      I thought the same thing, as far as the Jared Loughner angle. As far as how I found his site, let’s put it this way, he likes to comment on Newspaper sites, lol.

      He’s a psycho, I’m a psycho. Coincidence? Who knows?

  2. Otis P. Driftwood permalink
    July 2, 2011 4:03 pm

    Well now, after reading all of that I am no longer confused. Now I just don’t know.

    • July 2, 2011 11:43 pm

      Well, if you weren’t confused, I think I would be worried about you. LOL

  3. July 2, 2011 7:41 pm

    reminds me of Basil Marceaux. when I was helping my hubs research for his absentee TN vote last year, I ran into this guys website.

    then he was on glenn beck’s radio show one morning. what a hot mess!

    • July 2, 2011 11:44 pm

      The site you linked apparently was a parody site, his real website is a non-existent blog. Nonetheless, the dude seems like a real oddball, lol.


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