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About & Contact Info

My name is Colin Hooper.  I am originally from Houston in the great state of Texas.  I currently reside in Richmond, VA.

I went to public school until high school, where I attended Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, VA and graduated as commanding officer of Bravo Company.

Three months later I enlisted in the US Army and shipped off to FT. Benning, GA(one of the most beautiful states in the union) to begin my infantry training.

In the Army I did two tours in Bosnia-Herzegovina with the 1st Armored Division(NATO missions not United Nations) then left the Army after my four years were up.

Post-military service, my life has been rather uneventful except for marrying my beautiful wife and taking on the role as step-father to her three children(instant family, just add Colin).

I believe the Constitution of the United States is the single greatest document written by human hands; George Washington the greatest American and one of the world’s greatest generals; Ronald Reagan the greatest president; and bratwurst the greatest food.

This blog is an outlet for my angst of what my country is becoming as well as my need to be creative through the written word.

If you need to contact me off-site, please email me at the following address –

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