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Comment Policy

I welcome any and all comments, unless they are unwelcome to me.

Please be kind, rewind.

No trolls, this means you Joe.

Flame wars are not allowed, this is not anti-gay.

If you don’t like it, start you own damn blog.

I reserve the right to delete comments, for whatever damn reason I please.

Spam is welcome, I love reading about the next hot cell-phone in incoherent sentences, that’s how I get all my tech news.

But seriously, follow the golden rule folks.  Be nice to one another, no cussing (I will edit cuss-words so don’t bother), no personal attacks.  I welcome differing opinions to mine, and as long as you can do so with out going all psycho cuss-word crazy on MY BLOG, then there is no problem.  I reserve the right to edit or delete any comment on my blog for whatever reason I deem necessary.  I will try in my utmost to never do that.

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