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Zero Tolerance?

September 24, 2010

My son came home from school today, excited to tell me about what he was exposed to in assembly at Robious Middle School.  Apparently, Robious had a group called “Invisible Children” visit them today to talk about the children of Uganda that are kidnapped and forced into being soldiers for the warlord Joseph Kony.  The movie Blood Diamond has some scenes that speak well to this issue.  I am not upset by any stretch of the imagination with the “Invisible Children” folks speaking to my children, I think its good for children to learn quickly how great a country America is(despite Obama’s views to the contrary).

Invisible Children Gun

The pin my son bought at school.

What I am upset about is the fact he came home wearing a pin of a gun on his t-shirt.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I own multiple guns and do not oppose my children being exposed to guns at all, but lets do some mental exercises here.  What do you think would happen if my son wore a t-shirt with a gun on it to school?  I’m guessing at the least, I would be forced to bring him a new(unoffensive) shirt to school, or pick him up.

This double standard is absolutely ridiculous.

Follow up post here.

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